Here are some links that I have found can be of some use.

Sadly, most of them have stopped working. Lots of pages have been discontinued...

Game Maker

Game Maker Pages - The official Game Maker pages by Mark Overmars.

Game Maker Community - The forum for questions and annoucements of Game Maker games.

Game Maker Companion - This place has answers to all the common question. A real knowledge gold mine.

Tutorial World - Lots of tutorials and examples for Game Maker.

Tutorials by Steven E - Two tutorials, of which one is the best 360 degrees movement tutorial I have seen. Extremely detailed.

Dark Link Productions - Game Maker tutorials and games.

Codename: Elite - Game Maker and Dark Basic games.

W.S. Industries - Another Game Maker collegue.

GecSoft Games - Game Maker games and examples.

GM Database - Alasdair Forsythe's famous database tool for Game Maker. A very useful addition to Game Maker!

Dragon Productions - Examples and games in both Game Maker and C++.

ExpoGMgames - A Game Maker page where you can submit your own games.

Igeakster - Another Game maker site where you can submit your own games.

KeeGames - A site with games made with Game Maker.

Useful applications

POVRay - Persistance Of Vision Raytracer, a freeware script-based raytracer. My favourite.

Blender - Another freeware 3D application. This one has a graphical interface. Takes a little time to getting started with, but works really good.

Development sites

turbo - A site with lots of information regarding games and graphics development with Delphi.


Steve's page with some games and lots of nice graphics.

Doms Stuffs with some games.

Last updated: 2004-06-10