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Welcome to my Game Maker Pages. These pages are devoted to the games creation tool Game Maker by Mark Overmars. Game Maker is freeware, and I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in creating their own computer games on the standard PC.


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Updated the site with a link to the Courses page in the left menu.

Well, well! I have decided to try to keep this a bit more updated. I see that there are still people visiting it! Glad to see you!
I don't know if I will have MUCH more time for GM, but perhaps a little. ;-)

Wow - an update! Added a link to DJ Green's Bouncing Ball game.

Joined the affiliation program at gma.alturl.com

Updated the Typewriter 3 example I did half a year ago. It now works under GM 5.1.

Added an example by Misturx and an example by Andy Nicholas.

Added a particle example by Dekker.

Added two examples from Lean C.

Added two examples by tsg1zzn, one by me and a tutorial by tsg1zzn.

Major update of the page. I have not had the time to update my page in a long while. Sorry for that!

Added a few affiliates links.

Added Miss Joan's great Reference Guide to the Tutorials section.

Added a few Game Maker links.

One new example by Skiracer901. Also updated Links page.

Added a bunch of new examples and a few links to the Links page.

Added a 3D stereogram example by Dirk van den Bekerom.

Yet another example. This time I have been involved in it myself. :) Clay Triche altered a little Star Wars intro example I started.

Added an example that has been modified by Lars Peter "Weird Dragon" Schultz.







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